The background image on the home page is a photograph taken by the Hubble space telescope. The photograph was taken by pointing the Hubble telescope at a more or less randomly chosen small part of the sky, and having it peer as deeply into space as it could. Those bright spots you see are not stars - they are galaxies, each consisting of billions of stars!

To me, this is a deeply moving and thought provoking image. Imagine - no matter where in the sky you look, you are looking at hundreds or thousands of galaxies. Day or night - whether you can see them or not, they are there. Even if intelligent life is exceedingly rare, it seems likely that any good sized galaxy would have some.

About the Background on the Home Page

We are surrounded by intelligent beings! No matter where we look, there are cultures, loves, wars, stories being made, great migrations - the universe teems with epic struggles, and poetry and song. It's all around us in this amazing bejeweled sky we share with uncounted others.

You can learn more about the Hubble Deep Space Field photograph on the Hubble Space Telescope web page.


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