Appalachian Trail

In July 2008 Susan and I did our very first overnight self-contained hiking and camping trip. We hiked about five miles up the Appalachian Trail, and stayed at the Pogo campsite. Hiking and camping this way is fun, but also hard work. Bear in mind that the way we got to see those beautiful vistas was to haul packs of roughly 40 lbs each, filled with water, food, clothes, sleeping kit and a tent from the beautiful valleys you see below to the awe-inspiring hights from which we took the pictures. Also, not shown is the severe thunderstorm, complete with hail, that turned our campsite into a creek, and our tent into something of a boat. Nonetheless we had a good time, and plan to do more!
Susan at Point of Rocks Dave showing off his brand new hiking gear Susan and HER brand new camping gear! We stoped here for lunch
That's quite a drop! Dave and Susan, in matching red. The bandana keeps the sweat out of my eyes. This is a pretty spot... Looks better without me blocking the view!!

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