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Biking and Hiking Trips!

Here are some pictures and trip reports from bicycle and hiking trips I've taken over the past several years. Some trips were solo, and some were with friends. Either way, I think you'll agree that nothing beats reading about someone else's outdoor experiences for gripping entertainment!
Baltimore to Upstate New York - In September 2005 I rode nearly 400 miles from Glen Burnie, Maryland to my old home town of Weedsport New York. Read of the voyage and see the pictures!
Pittsburgh to Gettysburg - In September 2007 I rode about 257 miles from McKeesport, Pennsylvania (near Pittsburgh) through Hagerstown, Maryland, and then on to Gettysburg, Pennsylvania - camping all the way. Most of this was on the new Great Allegheny Passage trail. Read of the voyage and see the pictures!
Western Maryland Rail Trail I - 25 September 2004 - I showed some friends the very nice, paved, WMRT. One of my favorites - flat, peaceful, and oddly located right next to the Chesapeake and Ohio (C&O) trail. Take me to the Western Maryland Rail Trail Allbum!
Western Maryland Rail Trail II - On October 31st, 2004, Deb, Ron, Michelle and I rode the Western Maryland Rail Trail again - this time starting at Big Pool.  Deb and I did the full 41 miles.  Rob provided transportation.  Leaves were a bit past peak - but the weather was terrific! Take me to the other Western Maryland Rail Trail Album!
Appalachian Trail - In July 2008 Susan and I did our very first overnight self-contained hiking and camping trip. We hiked about five miles up the Appalachian Trail, and stayed at the Pogo campsite. Hiking and camping this way is fun, but also hard work. Take me to the Appalachian Trail pictures!
Trek Across Florida - December 19 - 21, 2004. This was something I've long wanted to do - ride my bike from the East coast of Florida to the West!  So I loaded up four panniers with rain gear, jackets, some emergency food, and my laptop - and off I went! Read the trip report!

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