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This web site is so informative and entertaining that you may not want to leave! Still, it's a big Internet out there, and some sites approach this one in terms of their utility. Here are my favorites.

Free Applications!


Open Office - An amazing, free collection of Microsoft Office compatible applications for word processing, presentations, spreadsheets, databases, and more!
GIMP (GNU Image Manipulation) - An extraordinarily powerful image manipulation program. Open Office is to MS Office is as GIMP is to Photoshop. Not altogether easy to learn how to use though.
Firefox - Almost universally acclaimed as the most powerful, secure, and certainly the most customizable browser out there! Add clocks, flags indicating country of origin, colorful tabs - make your browser your own!
Thunderbird - Really cool, and free, alternative to Microsoft Outlook Express - and with some of the add-ons, does a lot of what Outlook can do. From the same folk at Mozilla who brought you Firefox.
Advanced Windows Care
SmartDefrag - excellent little free defragment utility that defrags your disk in the background, or on a schedule.
Advanced Windows Care
Advanced Windows Care - free, safe, simple, easy and effective registry cleaner and PC tune-up utility.

Applications Worth Paying For (and Where to Find Them)

CNET Download.com - Thousands of software titles pre-scanned for malware! If you are phobic about downloading executable files from the Internet, like I am, then this is a good site for you. Some of the products here are free, and others you pay for, but either way, this is a good honest site, and has about any software you could want, complete with a great search utility, and lots of customer reviews.

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TrueSafe Personal Edition - I paid about $30 for this software, but it's given me so much peace of mind! Finally - a backup software utility that works! I especially like that it saves files in their native format instead of some funky proprietary format.



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