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Dave's Phantastic Photography!

Here you will be awe-struck by some of the most spectacular photography known to mankind! Dave's subjects range from ordinary landscape and vacation snapshots, to breathtaking images of rare and exotic animals, such as "dogs" and "cats." Enjoy!
Batmobile! In June or so of 2008, one of the original Batmobiles from the 1960s TV show came to Gettysburg. Dave realized a dream he had since 1966 - to sit in the Batmobile!
Constellation at Night
Night Shots and Citiscapes - I think that cities at night have a special kind of beauty. Most of these shots are from Baltimore, around 2006, but some are from Philidelphia in 2007. Click the picture to be taken to NIght Shots and Citiscapes.
New York Tree
Landscapes - Imagine for a moment that we sent out a space probe, and found a planet surface that looked like this! Happily, we don't have to go far to find beautiful living tapestries.
Gettysburg Remembrance Day Parade - Every November the town of Gettysburg hosts the Remembrance Day Parade - thousands of Civil War reenactors make the day special. See the parade!
Longwood Gardens - Longwood Gardens is a fantastic botanical garden established by Piere Dupont. Susan and I visited in April 2010, and went crazy with the camera. See the trees and flowers!
Longwood Gardens II - If you can't take a good picture at Longwood Gardens, you should throw away your camera! About a week after my first visit, I brought my mom to see the flowers. Check out the pictures from this visit!
Reading WWII Air Show - Even as a pre-schooler, I had a fascination with aircraft. In elementary school, I learned to identify all the major World War II aircraft. So when I had a chance to visit the Mid Atlantic Air Museum's WWII Weekend with Susan - I jumped at the chance! Here's the Pictures!

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