Year Personal & Family History Technology Geology
Bought new Home
                                                Windows 7  
2008 Wilbert Spier dies Sub-prime finanical crisis/Obama Elected    
2007 Bike Pitts to Gburg End of housing bubble              iPhone introduced - Windows Vista  
2006 Dave meets Susan US Population reaches 300 million  
2005 Bike ride Glen Burnie to Weedsport Hurricane Katrina hits New Orleans    
2004 Bike ride across Florida George Bush Re-Elected   Asian Tsunami
2003 Carmen  US invades Iraq/Columbia disaster    
2002 Hawaii vacation Europe adopts Euro currency    
2001 Dave and Dag Divorced September 11th Attacks Windows XP  
2000 New Years in Vegas George W. Bush elected iPod introduced  
1999 Europe Vacation Egyptair 990 Suicide-Murder flight Tekno bubbles
1998 Vegas/California vacation Clinton/Lewinski affair Windows 98/ISS construction begins  
1997 MIT & Egypt vacation Princess Diana dies Gas powered fuel cells Kyoto protocol/Comet Hale-Bopp
1996 Big snowstorm in Glen Burnie President Clinton re-elected Web TV  
1995 Steinhatchee/Keys trip Million-Man March Windows 95 & DVD  
1994 Peanut the Squirrel NAFTA goes into effect HIV protease inhibitor  
Br. Davidians Pentium processor  
1992 Starts work on Masters Degree Clinton elected Smart pills  
1991 First Big Program Desert Storm          Digital answering machine  
1990 Move to 407 O St Glen Burnie MD Iraq invades Kuwait          Windows 3.0  
1989 Samantha Hamster End of cold war          High definition TV  
1988 Glenn W Fillingham dies        Arafat addresses UN         First HDTV broadcast  
1987 1st full yr at Work        Gary Hart affairs reported          Windows 2.0  
1986 Thomas Fillingham Born        Chernobyl & Challenger disasters             Disposable camera  
1985 Sr. Va Tech        Gorbachev takes over USSR Windows 1.0  
1984 Junior Va Tech HIV identified as cause of AIDS Cell phones commercially available  
1983 Sophomore Va Tech USSR downs KAL007/Beirut Marines bombed First version of Microsoft Windows
1982 Dave at Virginia Tech
Andropov succeeds Brezhnev as USSR leader
Human growth hormone genetically eng.  
1981 Dave out of Army -Dave/Dag Married            Ronald Reagan becomes President IBM PC released  
1980 Dave goes to Texas            Desert One rescue disaster             Hepititis B vaccine Mt. St. Helens erupts
1979 Dave in Karlsruhe Iran takes over US Embassy             Cell phones, Walkmans  
1978 Mt. Meissner/Gram Hanover dies[1] US recognizes People's Republic of China             Spreadsheet  
1977 Dave graduates, joins Army Star Wars Released  Apple Computers Incorporated  
1976 11th Grade - Dave in Play Chinese cultural revolution ends Ink Jet printer  
1975 Dave/Joan move to Florida
Khemer Rouge take over Cambodia
Microsoft formed  
1974 9th Grade -  Nixon resigns/Oil shock BBN provides first commercial ISP  
1973 8th Grade - Electronics Club US Involvment in Vietnam ends 1st scientific calclator/Cell phone invented  
1972 7th Grade - Jr. High Nixon visits China
MRI Invented
1971 6th Grade - Mr. Fields Watergate Break-In LCD & VCR  
1970 5th Grade - Mr. Cole Kent State Shootings Floppy disk  
1969 4th Grade - Mr. Peterson Paris peace talks Apollo 11 1st ARPANET connections  
1968 3rd Grade - Mrs. Shears M.L. King assasinated Computer mouse and RAM memory  
1967 2nd Grade - Mrs. Lynch Israel attacks Liberty Handheld computer  
1966 1st Grade - Encephylitis Chinese cultural revolution begins Electronic fuel injection  
1965 Dave starts Kindergarden   Soft contact lenses and Kevlar  
Glenn and Joan Fillingham Divorced
Gulf of Tonkin (Vietnam War "starts") Permanent Press & BASIC  
1963 Move into 2756 E. Brutus St. John Kennedy Assasinated Videodisk invented  
1962 Fillinghams move to Weedsport Cuban Missile Crisis Audio cassette invented  
1961   Bay of Pigs Valium  
1960   John Kennedy Elected        Halogen lamp Atmospheric C02 increase detected
1959 Dave Fillingham Born[2] Fidel Castro takes over Cuba        Barbie doll  
1958 Glenn and Joan Fillingham Married China begins Great Leap Forward          Integrated Circuit invented  
1957 Joan Spier graduates high school Common Market formed Sputnik  
1956   Khruchev denounces Stalin Computer hard disk  
1955   Rosa Parks starts moder civil-rights movement First transistor radio  
1954   France defeated at Dien Bien Phu Oral contraceptives and McDonalds  
1953   Korean War ends Color television begins/Doub. Helix discovery  
1952   Occupation of Germany, Japan ends Diet soft drink and hydrogen bomb  
China occupies Tibet Videotape Recorder & Superglue  
1950   Korean War starts First charge card issued  
1949   Soviets detonate atomic bomb - China comm. First commercial jetliner (Comet)  
1948   Berlin Airlift Velcro  
1947   Marshall Plan Transistor invented, Bell X-1 Sound Barrier  
1946   Cold war                        starts ENIAC Computer built  
1945   WWII Ends Nuclear weapons  
1944   D-Day Kidney Dialysis Mt. Vesuvious erupts
1943   Stalingrad LSD  
1942   Midway ME-262 Jet Fighter  
1941 Charles W Fillingham dies[3] Pearl Harbor attack Computer  
1940   Battle of Britain Color television invented  
1939 Joan Spier born[4] WWII Starts New York World's Fair  
1938 Glenn Fillingham born[5] Joseph Stalin achieves absolute power Ballpoint Pen  
1937   Hindenberg Disaster Photocopier  
1936   Germany occupies Rhineland Voice recognition machine  
1935   Hitler starts to rearm     Radar  
1934 Charles Glenn Fillingham married[6] Chinese long march     Magnetic tape recording  
1933   Hitler comes to power/Prohibition ends     FM radio invented  
1932   Franklin Roosevelt elected     Parking meter  
1931   Japanese occupy Manchuria     Electron microscope  
1930 Edward Fillingham dies[7] Empire State Building opens Jet engine and scotch tape  
1929   Great depression begins                    Yo-Yo popular  
1928   Mickey Mouse first drawn                    Dutch Elm disease in USA  
1927   Lindburgh solo flight across Atlantic                         Television Demonstration  
1926   Mussolini takes over Italy                         Goddard Liquid Rocket  
1925   Scopes monkey trial    
1924   Lenin dies Dynamic Loudspeaker  
1923   Hitler's Beer Hall Putch Traffic Signal invented  
1922   USSR established First portable and car radios  
1921   Sun Yat Sen takes over China Lie detector  
1920   Prohibition era begins First AM commercial radio station  
1919 Gerry Spier born[8] Versailles Treaty signed Pop-up toaster  
1918   World War I ends - Spanish Flu
Fortune cookies
Soviet revolution in Russia
Modern zipper invented  
1916   Battle of Verdun First use of battle tank  
1915 Wilbert Spier born[9] Lusitania sunk Einstein publishes Gen. Relativity  
1914 Charles Glenn Fillingham born[10] World War I begins First US commercial air flights  
1913   Young Turks coup in Turkey Zipper becomes fashionable.  Bra invented.  
1912   Titanic Sinks Life savers candy
1911   Chinese Republican revolution