Technology Geology
2000 September 11th Attacks High definition TVs  
1990 Desert Storm Windows 3.0  
1980 End of Cold War Internet/Cell Phones  
1970 Iranian Hostages  Personal computers  
1960 Vietnam War Manned space travel  
1950 Korean War Satellites  
1940 World War II Nuclear weapons  
1930 Great depression Television  
1920 Prohibition era Voice radio  
1910 WW I, Last Chinese emperor Battle Tank  
1900 San Francisco Earthquake Aircraft  
1890 Spanish-American War Telegraph Radio  
1880 Statue of Liberty Daimler Automobile  
1870 Chicaco and Weedsport Great Fires Phonograph and electric light bulb  
1860 US Civil War Internal combustion engine  
1850 Crimean War Ironclad oceangoing ships  
1840 Mexican-American War Telegraph    
1830 Darwin voyages Colt Revolver  
1820 Erie Canal completed Photography and Electric Motor  
1810 Napoleonic wars, War of 1812 First steamship crosses atlantic  
1800 End of the age of Enlightenment Steam powered trains and ships    
1790 Bill of Rights Cotton gin  
1780 United States formed Commercial Ice Cream  
1770 US War of Independence Watt's improved steam engine  
1760 French-Indian war       Spinning Jenny invented  
1750 First Indian reservation       Lightning rod  
1740 Benjamin Franklin publishes second US magazine       Centegrade temp scale  
1730 Benjamin Franklin opens first American library       Bottle Opener invented  
1720 City of Baltimore established       First smallpox vaccination  
1710 Mother Goose melodies for Children Newcomen's safe steam engine  
1700 Beginning of the age of Enlightenment 1st  hot air balloon ascent  
1690 End of Renaissance First industrial steam engine (Savery)  
1680 British Parliament establishes Bill of Rights Newton publishes "Principia"  
1670 UK Habeaus Corpus Act passes Wrist watch patented  
1660 New Amsterdam renamed New York City First blood transfusion  
1650 Rhode Island first to ban slavery First known check  
1640 Massachusetts officially recognizes slavery Barometer invented  
1630 Lord Baltimore establishes Maryland Flint lock muskets, Forks  
1620 Mayflower lands at Plymouth Harbor First Merry go Round  
1610 1st 20 blacks arrive in Jamestown    
1600 1st perm. Engl. Jamestown Settlement Galileo demonstrates telescope  
1590 Vatican threatens M. Luther w/ excom.    
1580 English fleet defeats Spanish armada    
1570 Sir Fr. Drake starts world circumnavigation    
1560 Spanish settlement at St. Augistine, FLA    
1550 Spanish explorer de Luna lands in Florida    
1540 Pope Paul III begins inquisition vs. Protestants    
1530 Renaissance begins  
1520 Martin Luther's Protestant Reformation -mid ages end  
1510 Florida discovered for Spain by Ponce de Leon DaVinci's engineering studies
1500 Christopher Columbus lands at Costa Rica