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Star Trek Convention Las Vegas, August 2010!

What a convention! Stars, costumes, and good company from fellow Star Trek fans!

The Stars - We saw John Delancie, William Shatner, Patrick Stewart, Leonard Nimoy, Brent Spiner, Jeri Ryan, and the crew of Voyager. As an extra bonus, we saw Richard Hatch, who played Tom Zarek on Battlestar Gallactica! I even got my picture taken with Patrick Stewart!
Star Trek Costume Record - Susan and I particpated in a successful attempt to set a record for the most Star Trek costumes in one room at one time. We won the record, with 543!
The Party - And Other Convention Experiences - We attended the Star Trek party on Friday - you'll find the pictures from that here, as well as some other shots from the overall convention activities.

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